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We will probably be taking a break in 2004

We'll keep you posted.

We still have CDs and stuff, We have two new CDs coming out shortly, stay tuned.

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"From Blues To Bluegrass With All The Stops In Between"

12:00 noon - Gates Open
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Evening Concert – Main Tent
7:00 pm - Dick Solberg, the Sun Mt. Fiddler, hosts our traditional opening jam with present and former members of his Sun Mt. Band and other musical guests. Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Reggae, New England, Irish, Caribbean, Originals. www.sunmountainfiddler.com
9:00 pm - Hypnotic Clambake*, absolutely one of a kind, not to be missed, jam band tons of great originals - hypnoticclambake.com
11:30 pm – “afters”** in the pub of the Lakeview House in Summit – great ,new, singing talent Paulina McGiver* backed by Sam Whedon and his great band.


1:00 pm – 11:30 pm – “Blues-B-Que”
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm – afternoon craft show – The Schoharie Valley Blues Ensemble in the infield tent
5:30 pm – 11:30 pm - Evening Concert – Main Tent
5:30 pm – The Hell Hounds – Acoustic Piedmont and Delta Blues Duo – extraordinary, tight as a drum guitar work interwoven with powerful, gutsy vocals on traditional and original blues – Now starting to make their mark on the national blues scene , John Gillespie and Mike Herman are “the real deal”. www.thehellhounds.com
7:30 pm – No Outlet * - no room here for even a small portion of the impressive credentials of these guys – Kevin Maul, steel guitar, vocals- Tony Markellis, bass – Dale Haskell, snare drum, stomp board, vocals – Blues, Jazz, Swing
9:30 pm – Rick Welter and the Ampliphonics – “ on your feet “ rockin blues – Festival goers first met Rick at last year’s Thursday night “afters” and found that they didn’t need a seat (if they could find one) so we’re bringing the band to the big tent to give everyone some room. Great guitar, great vocals, great harp, great band, consummate R & B.
12.00 midnight til ? – “afters” **at the Lakeview House with Dick Solberg, the Sun Mt. Fiddler, and the Sun Mt. Band - New England, Country, Folk, Reggae, Bluegrass, Caribbean, Irish, Cajun, Americana, Originals, Funny stuff, and probably more. - “Ain’t It Great To Be Alive”-
www.sunmountainfiddler.com *-

groups or performers appearing at Finnegan’s Wake for the first time. ** - all “afters” shows are free to anyone with a valid weekend ticket or single day ticket for that day of the Festival.


10:00 am to 11:30 am – Our traditional Jazz Brunch with the 2003 version of The Jagareny Jumpers playing jazz and blues in the infield tent. Arts and crafts vendors open for business. Plenty of good stuff to eat at our breakfast buffet.

11:30 am to 11:30 pm- Main Concert in the big tent

11:30 am – Maria Zemantauski – you can watch the jaws drop when audience members who have never seen her perform hear her for the first time, or second, or third…- unsurpassed technique - truly a master musician, composer, and teacher - Flamenco fusion - www.mariazemantauski.com
1:30 pm – Big Medicine – At Finnegan’s Wake we try to follow the time worn but still valid show business axiom “always leave em wanting more”, so we’ll conclude Finnegan’s Wake, until next year ,with Big Medicine. Sound, talent and stage presence to burn. An all star collaboration of talented singers and instrumentalists producing a sound that matches their name – great solos – dazzling 5 part harmonies – Folk, Country, Irish, Gospel, Originals & more.
3:30 pm – The McKrells – You know the drill- high, high, high energy, second to none musicianship, finely crafted originals, powerful, emotive singing, a totally unique, evolving fusion of Celtic and Bluegrass music from the crucible known as The McKrells ~ www.mckrells.com
5:00 pm – String Beings perform in the infield tent during the break
5:30 pm – Sweet Cider *– acoustic, bluegrass flavored country music, award winning originals - great voices and masterfully blended harmonies –these guys “walked off with the farm” at the 2002 & 2003 award shows of the Northeast Country Music Association. - www.sweetcidermusic.com
7:00 pm – String Beings perform in the infield tent during the break
7:30 pm – Dick Solberg, the Sun Mt. Fiddler, and the Sun Mt. Band – Fiddler and the band light up the big tent with another great show. - Americana deluxe (see “afters” Friday night) - www.sunmountainfiddler.com
9:30 pm – Sam Whedon with Grim Orchestra – superb guitarist, songwriter, arranger, will again bring his dynamite band to our main stage, perhaps even with his long awaited, new CD in tow. (Better have it this time Sam, or it could get ugly!)
12:00 midnight til the wee and we mean wee hours – “afters”** at the Lakeview House hosted by John Gillespie and Mike Herman – The Hell Hounds. They hosted our first “afters” in 1998 and have continued the tradition since then. Lots of great musicians jamming with The Hounds and a night filled with great, “you should’ve been there” music.


Dawn to 11:30 am – Stay Up – Sleep In – Coffee and breakfast buffet available – Methodist and Catholic services in Summit - Sunday papers (if you’re early) at Summit Country Store as well as fishing tackle, bait, and licenses available in case you want to try your luck at nearby Summit Lake. You’ll have to bring your own canoe or rowboat. FYI, no gasoline engines allowed on the lake. Take the kids to nearby Howe Caverns. Take a walk or a drive. It’s beautiful Schoharie County! Crafters will probably set up by 9:00 or 10:00.- There! That’s all the help you’ll need to spend a relaxing Sunday morning. Music starts in the big tent at 11:30am
11:30 am – Alien Folklife * – accomplished acoustic folk music duo– this typical review of one of their performances sums it up “Delicious harmonies and creative arranging wonderful and original.” - Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
1:30 pm – Shakespeare In The Alley *, Dennis D’Asaro heads a group featuring his extensive repertoire of retro folk and folk rock, Dylan, and Irish songs. Among the others in the alley will be Steve Minnich , backing Dennis’s fine voice with his great lead guitar work.
3:00 pm – Martha Gallagher and Harper’s Delight * - world class celtic harpist with 2003 invitational performances with the Chieftans and at the prestigious Edinburgh Harp Festival in Scotland included in her impressive resume. She’ll appear with Harper’s Delight, accomplished musicians all, including Susan Grimm, flute, and Frank Orsini, fiddle.- www.ADKharper.com
4:30 pm – Sapbush Hollow – they played at the first Finnegan’s Wake in 1997 and have continued to please Festival audiences ever since - Jane, Gael, Foster, and Paul and their upbeat mix of Bluegrass and oldtime music and anything else that suits their fancy. - www.midtel.net/~ralphj

Performance Times Are Approximate And Are Subject To Change Without Notice





Children Under 14 Admitted Free When Accompanied By Parent Or Guardian


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